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Stop chasing leads from your contact form, let our smart contact forms do it for you.

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Is Your Website's Contact Form Broken?

Sorry to tell you, but your website's contact us form has never worked.

Does this sound familiar? Leads get lost in your email inbox, you can never reach the person who submitted the form, and you wonder why you even have a contact us form?

No risk & no contracts. Cancel anytime, hassle free.

We transform websites into digital workers with optimized-communication to grow your business...


Integrated communication channels means less work and more communication.

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Leads never get lost in your inbox

Leads flow from your Smart Lead Contact Us Form and into the technology of your choice.

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Respond to leads in seconds, automatically, turning them into customers.

Our Smart Lead Contact Us Forms use done for you AI programming to start a natural conversation with leads turning them into interested and qualified customers.

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smart Lead contact Us forms

Automate Lead Screening with Artificial Intelligence

No risk & no contracts. Cancel anytime, hassle free.


Lead Contact Forms

This is where it starts. Clean modern forms that you can use anywhere...not just on your website.


Grow Smarter

Scale with artificial intelligence, done for you technology increases your lead list without more work.


Lead Insights

Efficient communication by speaking to leads who are truly interested in your service.

Reach your customers where they are...on their cell phones

No risk & no contracts. Cancel anytime, hassle free.

98% of text messages are read and 95% are responded to within 3 minutes.

We automate your website and contact forms to:

  • Respond to phone calls and text messages within 60 seconds.

  • Get you qualified, interested leads.

  • Working around the clock without you ever picking up the phone.

Done For You Automation Designed for busy Business Owners

Automations save time and money while increasing scalability and work 24/7. Our done for you setup means no programmer, website guy, or trying to figure it our yourself.

  • Enhances Communication Response

  • Efficiently Generates Leads

  • Automates Responses with Text Messages

No risk & no contracts. Cancel anytime, hassle free.

Don't Go It Alone

We have a crew standing by and ready to get your Smart Lead Contact Us Form up and running fast! We handle the install.

  • We get it done super fast

  • Free install on your website

  • No training, no downtime, no mess

No risk & no contracts. Cancel anytime, hassle free.


Ask us how to get a high converting website with a Smart Lead Contact Us Form.


Each package includes these same great features.

Auto Text Reply

Smart Lead Contact Us Forms automatically responds to your leads who submit an enquiry.

Lead Qualification Screening

Your form engages with your leads in a natural way, until they are deemed interest in your service.

Lead Contact Info

Lead contact info, including name and cell phone, are sent directly to your phone once they are screened to show interest.

Professional Install

We install your new Smart Lead Contact Us Form on your website fast.


Good Value

14 Day Trial


Month to month paid after trial period.


Great Value

14 Day Trial


Save $120

3 months paid after trial period.


Best Value

14 Day Trial


Save $240

12 months paid after trial period.

No risk & no contracts. Cancel anytime, hassle free.

What clients have to say

"Since I started using smart forms, managing all the people contacting me from my website has been easy. The lead forms and automation features have saved me countless hours, allowing me to focus on running my business."


Plumber. West Valley, AZ

"I'm not very good with computers and worry about adding something I don't know how to use. This was easy, I get a text as soon as someone signs up on my website and the form text my customer at tells them I'm busy and will call back in a minute. They are always ready when I call."


Landscaper. Goodyear, AZ

"I needed something reliable to manage my contacts, I had a difficult time keeping all the emails and phone numbers organized and found that I missed opportunities because I did follow up with customers who reached out on my website."


Electrician. Avondale, AZ

"I don't have a website so I didn't think I could use this. I learned that I can just put the QR code on my business cards so when I hand them out or put them on doors people can contact me using the form. This smart forms takes care of everything, I just get a text with all the customer's information."


House Cleaning. Peoria, AZ

"Running a small service business has lots of challenges but smart forms made my life so much easier. People visit my website or see my ad and call, if I can't answer right away they move on because they want the A/C fixed fast. My smart form will text customers and tells them I will call them in a couple minutes because I'm with another customer. This saves me a lot of time and I get more business."


HVAC. Buckeye, AZ

"My husband Mario does the work but I run the business. But I also have the kids at home so I can't always answer the phone and don't always see my emails right away. I know when I get a text alert from my smart form that the customer is interested and I can call them back right away. Just having the alerts is worth it to me."


Home Painting. Peoria, AZ

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